ITV News correspondent Geraint Vincent reports from Nepal.

Prince Harry had a warm welcome to Nepal on his first day of his five-day visit when he was greeted by five virgins in a ceremony signifying luck and purity.

The Panchakanya - five virgins in Sanskrit - greeted their royal vistor with gifts of flowers and a garland when he arrived in Kathmandu's Durbar Square. Five is a lucky number in Nepal and the women's status as virgins is seen to represent purity.

ITV reporter, Geraint Vincent said: "Prince Harry shared a few laughs with people living near the Golden Temple in Kathmandu this morning. His Royal Highness has spoken of how he wants to do what he can to encourage people to visit Nepal, and to make the point that the country's tourist industry is very much 'open for business', despite last year's devastating earthquake."

Alisha Awale, 18, one of the five women who welcomed the Prince, said: "I've seen him before on television, I was really excited about meeting him and was wondering what he would be like."We freaked out when he was in front of us but it was a really happy moment.

"We welcome him with open hearts to Nepal and hope he enjoys his visit."