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Critically endangered rhino seen for first time in 40 years

A critically endangered Sumatran Rhino has been found in an area of Indonesian Borneo, where the species was though to be extinct.

Conservationists hope to establish a breeding programme to increase Sumatran rhino numbers Credit: WWF

In what was the first sighting of the species in the area for 40 years, a female rhino was safely captured in a pit trap.

Conservationists hailed the sighting as a "beacon of hope" for rhinos, which face poaching for their horns and habitat loss.

Thought to be between four and five-years-old, the rhino will now be moved to a protected forest 90 miles away.

Wildlife teams are working to move at least three rhinos to the sanctuary, in the hope of establishing a breeding programme.

Sumatran rhinos are one of two species found in Indonesia and have an estimated population of less than 100 in the wild.

This encouraging news is a reminder of the importance of safeguarding of wildlife and the need for governments, non-governmental organisations and communities to increase efforts in restoring population numbers of these critically endangered species."

– Glyn Davies, WWF-UK

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