How to add the Belgian flag to your Facebook profile picture

Following today's terror attacks in Brussels, people across the world have been turning to social media to share messages of condolence.

In addition to posting tributes, Facebook users have been showing their support by adding the colours of the Belgian flag on to their profile picture.

While there is currently no official Facebook app as there was following the Paris attacks, users are still able to do it using the Rainbow Filter website.

Here's how you can too.

1. Follow the link to the Rainbow Filter website and log in with either your Facebook or Twitter username.

2. After logging in, you are able to choose who will see your updated profile picture.

3. Next, you can select the image as your Facebook profile picture, or download it to use elsewhere.

4. Your are then invited to share your new profile picture with friends.

As a symbol of solidarity, the popular travel app Uber has also added Belgian flags to the tops of its cars.

Usually black, the car icons can now be seen in black, yellow and red.