A man and a woman have been pictured playing dare on the edge of a crumbling 200ft cliff.

Living life on the edge Credit: SWNS

The pair were seen egging each other on to balance on the very edge of Seaford Head cliff in East Sussex, just days after experts warned that the face is collapsing.

Large parts of the the limestone cliff edge have been roped off by the local authority after large cracks appeared.

Striking a pose...on a 200ft high crumbling cliff Credit: SWNS

Wayne Spring, who spotted the couple on Monday, said: "They were playing and seeing how close they could get.

"The people at the bottom were gasping and waiting for the worst to happen. You could see that he was very unsure about it and he wouldn't go as far to the edge as she did.

"It really was terrifying and you could hear people shouting 'oh my god' from below," the 49-year-old added.

"It wasn't as windy as it has been, but if the wind had picked up then it could have easily gone very pear shaped."

The pair take a chance on the cliff top at Seaford Head Credit: SWNS

Parts of the cliff top have been roped off by the council, and it has spray-painted a warning sign on the grass saying: "Danger imminent cliff fall."

However, much of the three mile cliff edge has no warning signs or barriers.

'Look, no hands!' A man in sunglasses teeters on the edge of the crumbling cliff side Credit: SWNS

The Newhaven Coastguard said the council were unable to stop people from getting close to the edge.

People risking their lives has always been a problem.

Trevor Cutler station officer for Newhaven Coastguard