The victims of the Brussels terror attack

A student, a mother and a civil servant were among those killed in the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

The names of the known dead were confirmed as friends and relatives of those still missing appeal for news of their loved ones.

More than 30 people died and over 200 others were wounded in a series of bomb attacks claimed by so-called Islamic State.

  • Adelma Tapia Ruiz

Adelma Tapia Ruiz, a Peruvian mother-of-two, was the first person to be named as one of the dead after the attacks.

She was killed by the suicide bombers at Zaventem Airport, where she had been about to board a flight to New York.

Her brother Fernando Tapia Coral described her death as "incomprehensible" in a post on Facebook.

  • Leopold Hecht

Leopold Hecht was among those killed on the metro

Law student Leopold Hecht, 20, was killed in a bombing on the Brussels metro, his university have announced.

Chancellor Pierre Jadoul spoke of his "immense sadness" as he confirmed the young man was among the victims.

"There aren't any words to describe our dismay at this news. All our thoughts are with his family and friends."

  • Olivier Delespesse

Appeals for news of Olivier Delespesse had been posted on social media

Civil servant Olivier Delespesse was also confirmed as among the victims of the bombing at the Maelbeek metro.

Appeals for news of his whereabouts had been posted on social media after the attack.

His death was confirmed in a statement from his employers.

  • Loubna Lafquiri

Teacher Loubna Lafquiri Credit: Hamid Bachir/Facebook

Teacher Loubna Lafquiri was named as one of those killed in the metro station blast.

Appeals for news of her whereabouts had been posted on Facebook by her brother-in-law following the attack.

A family friend confirmed the news of her death to ITV News on Friday.

  • Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski

The dutch born Pinczowksi siblings were among those who died during the bomb blasts at Brussels airport.

Both sibling were reportedly at a ticket counter at the airport, planning to return to their adopted home New York, when the attacks occurred.

A family statement released by James P. Cain, a former U.S. ambassador to Denmark whose daughter was engaged to Alexander confirmed the siblings had been identified among the dead.

  • David Dixon

David Dixon was reportedly at the airport before getting on the metro and being caught up in the attack Credit: Facebook

The family of David Dixon, 53, confirmed that he had dead in the Brussels attacks.

Mr Dixon, an IT programmer from Hartlepool, had originally been reported missing - he was at the airport but reportedly sent a text to his aunt to say he was safe.

But it is thought that he then got on the Metro to go to work and was caught up in the attack.

  • Elita Borbor Weah

Elita Borbor Weah was confirmed dead by her brother, Oscar Weah, of Providence.

She had texted family members a photo of herself at the Brussels airport shortly before bombs went off at the terminal.

She had been on her way to Rhode Island for her stepfather's funeral when she was killed.

  • Jennifer Scintu Waetzmann

German citizen Jennifer Scintu Waetzmann, a coach for an Aachen youth handball club, has been confirmed among those killed in the attacks.

The German paper Bild quoted Claudio Scinto, her uncle, as saying Ms Waetzmann and her husband were at the Brussels Airport American Airlines check-in counter en route to New York for a belated honeymoon when a bomb exploded.

Her husband, Lars Waetzmann, has been reported among the 270 wounded.

  • Patricia Rizzo

Patricia Rizzo, an Italian woman, has been confirmed has having been killed in the metro station blast.

Belgian authorities confirmed to the Italian foreign ministry that Ms Rizzo was among those killed.

  • Justin and Stephanie Shults

Justin and Stephanie Shults were resident in Brussels at the time of the attacks Credit: Facebook

American couple Justin and Stephanie Shults were resident in Brussels and had been at the airport dropping off Ms Shults' mother at the time of the attack.

Stephanie Shults was employed by Mars Inc while husband Justin was employed by Clarcor Inc, a Tennessee-based filtration system company.

Justin Shults' brother, Levi Sutton, remembered the couple on Twitter.

"He [Justin] was smart and kind and generous. I never met a single person who didn't like him. He worked hard his whole life and achieved goals that most could only dream about," Sutton said in a post.

Of Stephanie Shults, he said: "Stephanie was always so happy. I really enjoyed any chance I got to be around her. The world lost two amazing people today. It's not fair."

  • Gail Minglana Martinez

Gail was travelling with her husband when she was fatally wounded in the Brussels attacks Credit: NBC/ Facebook

The third American victim of the Brussels attacks was named as Gail Minglana Martinez more than a week after the city's airport and metro were targeted by suicide bombers.

The mother of four, from Texas, was travelling with her husband Air Force Officer Kato Martinez when she was wounded in one of the coordinated attacks although it is unclear which bombing she was caught up in.

Her brother told NBC News station KRISTV: "Gail was special to so many people; she blessed people's lives and made this world a better place."