'I wish none of it happened': Victim statement read out in court as Adam Johnson was sentenced

Adam Johnson has been jailed for six years at Bradford Crown Court for engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

The victim gave a statement which was read out in court. Here is an extract:

Police officer: So how do you feel now looking back at the things that have happened between you and Adam Johnson?

I wish none of it had happened.

Adam Johnson's victim

Police officer: Okay. Why do you wish none of it had happened?

Because, like, it's gonna affect us for the rest of my life, because I've got to, like... As, as much as, like, I'm trying to stay strong and stuff now, like, people still do ask us about it and judge me about it and call us about it. And it's, like, I'm struggling at school and stuff like that with it because, like, at first I couldn’t go in my lessons because in case people were, like, trying to ask us about it, like, what happened and, like, rumours. And it's hard to focus on things, just... It's hard.

Adam Johnson's victim

Police officer: Ok. What about day to day life outside of school, like, anywhere that you would go with anyone?

Girl: Like, like... For, like, the first, like, month of, like, it all coming out, I hardly left the house. Like, every (inaudible) like, I've been twice away with my nan and grandad just for, like, little weekends away, like, for a night or two. But I've been to the cinema a couple of times and one of my friend’s birthday meal, but I've never been out, like, as if I normally would with my friends, I'd never be how it used to, like, go out with my friends, I've never been out with my friends since.

Adam Johnson's victim

Police officer: Okay. Is there anything else that you wanted to say about how it's affected you and your family and things?

Like, my family (inaudible) my granddad, like, he has a bad heart and stuff, and so with all, like, people saying stuff, like, it's sort of making him, like, poorly in a way, like, he's, like, been quite ill. And, like, my family’s, like, find it hard to deal with, like... Cos, like, obviously people started judging them as well and, like... Because of, like, what happened, like, cos they don't know what happened, like, it's only what they've heard and so it's hard for them as well.

Adam Johnson's victim