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Beatles fan buys Ringo Starr's childhood home

Ringo's childhood home was bought at auction for £70,000 Credit: PA

A Beatles fan, who already owns two properties linked to the band, has bought the small terraced house in Liverpool where Ringo Starr grew up.

Ringo, born Richard Starkey, moved to the modest two-up two-down house at 10 Admiral Grove in Dingle, Liverpool, when he was three years old and lived there until he was 21.

Jackie Holmes from London, who bought John Lennon's mother's home last year and George Harrison's home the year before, was the highest bidder at an auction on Thursday night, paying £70,000 pounds - £15,000 pounds over its initial valuation.

I'm so glad I've got this house because Ringo's childhood home, like the other two Beatles properties I own, have got so much history behind them, which is what I love about them all.

– Jackie Holmes

Ms Holmes added that she hoped to rent it out to a Beatles fan who would "cherish" the house.