Conservative council leader criticises Government's academy schools plan

Roy Perry has criticised the government's plans to force all schools to become academies

A Conservative County Council leader has criticised the government's plans to force all schools to become academies.

Roy Perry, who is leader of Hampshire County Council, challenged the government to produce evidence showing academies always drive up standards.

"Some schools do want to become academies and where that's the case we say good luck to them", he told ITV News.

However he said headteachers, teachers and parents have written to him to express their concerns.

Government response to Conservative councillors' criticism

"Our reforms have made a remarkable difference to education in this country, with record numbers of children now being taught in good or outstanding schools. However, there is still more to do to ensure consistent world-class teaching across the country.

"We are creating a dynamic school-led system where parents have a more significant voice in schools and play an active role in their child’s education. To drive up standards we will encourage more schools to work together in multi-academy trusts (MATs) so they share resources, staff and expertise.

"The crucial change is that under the academies system, strong schools and leaders are able to spread their influence, and those which are struggling get the help they need more swiftly. It is a system with parents and children at its heart, and will ensure no area is left behind. We have already made huge progress, with 1.4 million more young people in good or outstanding schools than in 2010, and this system gives us the foundation to build on that."