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David Beckham: Our Queen is 'the number one leader'

David Beckham has described the Queen as 'the number one leader'. Credit: Steve Parsons / PA Archive/PA Images

Former England football captain David Beckham has described the Queen as "the number one leader" in a documentary to mark the sovereign's 90th birthday.

His comments were made as he attended the Queen's Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace in June and will feature in ITV's programme 'Our Queen at Ninety'.

We all look for role models, we all look for leaders. I'm privileged and proud that we have the number one leader.

– David Beckham

Beckham also said that receiving his OBE in 2003 from the Queen, with his grandparents in the audience, was "one of the proudest moments" of his career.

In 2003, David Beckham took his wife and grandparents to Buckingham Palace when he received an OBE. Credit: Fiona Hanson / PA Archive/PA Images

The former footballer, who received the honour in 2003 for his services to the sport, said it "doesn't get any better" than meeting the monarch.

Collecting my OBE was one of the proudest moments.

That day was special for me because I brought my grandparents with me, it made me proud that I could bring them to somewhere that they worshipped for their whole lives.

Meeting the Queen, it doesn't get any better than that. You can feel the emotion, I can personally feel the emotion, because I just love everything about our Queen and what she represents.

– David Beckham
  • 'Our Queen at Ninety' airs at 8pm on Easter Sunday on ITV