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Brexit campaign seeks votes with cheaper Easter eggs claim

As much as £1.28 of a £10 egg is accounted for by tariffs, according to Vote Leave Credit: PA

Pro-Brexit activists have put an Easter-themed spin on their campaign message, claiming leaving the EU could cut the cost of Easter eggs.

Unilateral trade deals with chocolate-producing countries Indonesia, Nigeria and Brazil could remove "punitive tariffs" imposed by Brussels on imports of cocoa-based confectionery, Vote Leave said.

As much as £1.28 of the cost of a £10 egg is accounted for by such charges, according to the group.

The charges are levied on chocolate products but not on raw cocoa beans.

Spokesman Robert Oxley said: "If we Vote Leave on 23 June, Easter will taste all the more sweeter next year."

Also over the weekend Vote Leave published a list of 250 business leaders who back Britain pulling out of the EU.

But the group was forced to apologise after wrongly including the names of two leading businessmen - Carphone Warehouse co-founder David Ross and entrepreneur John Caudwell, who started Phones 4U - on the list.

A spokesman for the group said Mr Ross's name had been included in error, but insisted that Mr Caudwell - whose spokesman told Sky News he had not put himself forward for the latest initiative - had been "listed as a supporter of the campaign since he signed up in October".

Remain campaigners pointed out the businessmen on the Vote Leave list were giving their views in a personal capacity and insisted that business supported a vote to stay in the EU in the June 23 referendum.