Brussels Attack: Belgian minister urges people to focus on hunt for terrorists

A memorial around the Maelbeek station pays tribute to those who died in the attacks. Credit: Belot Aurore/ABACA/PA Images

Belgium's justice minister has urged people to focus on trying to find the men responsible for the Brussels attacks, instead of criticising the Belgian government for its intelligence failures.

Authorities in both Belgium have faced mounting criticism over how much they knew before the attacks after Turkey revealed that it deported one suicide bomber - flagged as a suspected Islamic State militant - to Holland in 2015.

The country's intelligence services have also come under fire over its inability to identify and monitor suspected IS followers living in and around Brussels.

"Now is not the time to fight one another - as far as I know, the enemy is in Syria," Koel Geens said.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur has said lessons must be learned in the fight against Islamic militancy.

"Were there mistakes? Did we miss anything? Certainly," he said. "Otherwise these attacks would not have happened."

During a visit to Paris, he implied that Brussels would not feel the same after the attacks: "There's no such thing as 'normal' anymore."