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Monster Munch wins World Cup of Crisps crunch match - but is it a crisp?

Pickled Onion Monster Munch came top in the Twitter poll. Credit: Evan-Amos/wikimedia commons

It is a question that has divided social media, even after the competition closed: what is the best crisp on the market?

Hosted on Twitter by TV presenter Richard Osman, the World Cup of Crisps was won by Pickled Onion Monster Munch, beating Wotsits into second in the crunch match.

Third place went to Quavers, with Walkers Cheese and Onion coming fourth.

The charity tournament was started in aid of the Child's i Foundation, a group helping abandoned children.

But in the aftermath of the vote, the debate raged on as to whether the winner was in fact a crisp at all.

Many people on Twitter said Monster Munch was a corn snack, not a crisp.

However, Osman did not appear bothered by the secondary debate, inviting anyone who doubted the validity of the winner to run their own World Cup.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Child's i Foundation can visit the Justgiving page set up for the World Cup of Crisps or go to the charity's website.