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Mother 'assaulted' volunteer in Easter egg row

Church Farm Museum is Skegness' oldest house Credit: Google Maps

A mother-of-four grabbed a volunteer and pulled her across a counter when chocolate eggs at an Easter fun day ran out.

Church Farm Museum in Skegness, Lincolnshire, hosted a £5-a-family ticket fundraising event with the Children's Charity over the Easter weekend.

In addition to wood turning, egg and spoon races and a falconry, over 150 chocolate eggs were handed out to children on a first-come, first-served basis.

But when the eggs ran out, a mother demanded her money back, grabbing a middle-aged volunteer by her scarf and dragging her across a shop counter.

Over 150 chocolate eggs had been handed out to children Credit: PA

Church Farm site manager Sue Shelford, 54, said volunteers had brought in "kilos" of eggs for visitors.

Approximately 300 people attended on Sunday, while substitute prizes were given to children when the eggs ran out.

"My volunteer explained the situation and apologised to the lady", Ms Shelford said.

"But then she grabbed my volunteer - who was wearing a small scarf around her neck - grabbing hold of it and pulling her across the counter aggressively.

"My volunteer responded 'I will get you the money', and only when she did did the lady let go".

I am devastated because the volunteers are wonderful and it sent a shock wave throughout the team. It tarnished the day.

It's appalling that somebody can do something like this to a volunteer who goes out their way, on Easter Sunday, to help others have a special day.

– Sue Shelford, site manager

The mother, who then left the farm with her children, was not known to the volunteers.

Lincolnshire Police said they had not received a complaint.