Rollercoaster riders urged 'not to scream' at Devon theme park

People riding the 'Big One' are being asked to keep quiet. Credit: The Big Sheep/Rick Turner

By Karen Rollins: ITV News

Thrill seekers riding a new rollercoaster at the Big Sheep theme park in Devon are being asked to keep their excitement to themselves so that they don't disturb the neighbours.

The park has erected signs urging patrons 'not to shout or scream' while riding 'The Big One', because the site is located in a quiet area of the Devon countryside.

Owner Rick Turner told ITV News that the park does not expect people not to make any noise at all, but just doesn't want "continuous screaming".

'Don't make a sound' - the sign asking people to keep quiet while on the rollercoaster. Credit: The Big Sheep/Rick Turner

Mr Turner added that the park has a good relationship with its neighbours but there have been some concerns raised about the ride.

He added that some complaints were also made when the park has held sheep racing contests with ongoing commentary which can be heard "when the wind is in the right direction".

He said that to deal with those issues the park planted 2,500 trees and multi directional speakers.

The theme park have spent thousands of pounds reducing noise around the ride. Credit: The Big Sheep/Rick Turner

In order to keep the noise down on the 'Big One', which is 400 metres long, 12 metres high and can reach speeds of up to 30mph, the park even employed a leading noise consultant at a cost of £40,000.

Additional efforts to reduce the sound from people enjoying the ride included creating a 'noise bunker' in the middle of the rollercoaster which involved moving thousands of tonnes of soil which acts as a sound barrier.

Mr Turner is confident all of the noise precautions will work and has even issued a challenge to patrons asking: 'are you brave enough to ride the Big One and not scream?'.