A tree surgeon who was rescued by Prince William, after being knocked unconscious when the tree he was working on "fell back on him", has admitted that he "didn't realise" he was being saved by a royal at the time.

Jim Schembri, 37, who was rescued by the Air Ambulance service after his accident says the Prince held his head still and gave him treatment for half an hour but in his injured state he failed to recognise him.

He even embarrassingly joked that he hoped the Royal wasn't flying his rescue helicopter.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Schembri said "it wasn't until they actually loaded me into the helicopter that it clicked".

It wasn't until they were actually loading me into the helicopter and I said Willsy better not be flying this thing and he turned around and said "oh, I've been holding your head for the last thirty minutes" that it clicked.

Jim Schembri

But despite not immediately recognising the famous face Schembri, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and hip, had nothing but praise for his rescuer and says Prince William even went to the trauma room with him to make sure he was OK.