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Yemen: No escape from the trauma of airstrikes

On a bridge in Sana'a a crowd gathers around the aftermath of another airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition.

Their faces peer through the hole punched through the road. Two lives were claimed here, they tell me.

The latest airstrike claimed two lives. Credit: ITV News

In the flats above the floor is covered in broken glass. There's blood stains on the wall.

Fatthi Al-Romaim shows me around his debris-strewn children's bedroom.

He tells me how he ran to their room when he heard the jets to save his two sons Habib, 10, Ismail, 6, and his daughter Tasbin, 4.

The children's room covered in glass. Credit: ITV News

There are large pieces of glass embedded in the wall just above where his daughter's head was resting.

Her Mickey Mouse duvet is covered with shattered glass.

"I ran as fast as I could. I gathered them all up in my arms. There was glass everywhere and a big noise," he tells me.

Fatthi managed to save his children this time. Credit: ITV News

Fatthi's arm was injured by the blast.

He carefully picks up the family photograph with its shattered glass.

He managed to save them, but there's no escape from the trauma of these airstrikes.

The wreckage at Sana'a airport. Credit: ITV News

At Sana'a airport the bombed out wreckage of aircraft litters the apron.

Yemen's isolation from the world beyond couldn't be any clearer.

There's no respite from the darkness engulfing the Arab world's poorest nation.

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