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Terminally ill patient tells ITV News: I want to die at home - hospitals don't care as much

As an audit found "unacceptable" variation in some aspects of end of life care in England, one terminally ill patient told ITV News that it is better for dying patients to be cared for at home or in hospices.

Kathleen Wickremer was diagnosed with cancer three years ago which has spread to her lungs and is now terminal.

She cares deeply about being at home with her family for her final weeks, and says the prospect of dying in hospital makes her feel very sad.

If I can't get home, I would rather be in a hospice. Because they're used to caring for people who are dying.

People in hospital, they're caring for people with heart attacks and broken bones and everything and... that person is going to be dead by morning so, you know, don't worry too much about that person. I'm not criticising what they do, they do a marvellous job.

But you might as well be at home, with your family caring for you as best as they can.

– Kathleen Wickremer

Mrs Wickremer began receiving palliative care at home, but has been struggling to eat more than a teaspoon of food a day.

To help with her sense of nausea and pain, she was recently admitted to a Sue Ryder hospice.

After some improvement, she is hoping to return home in the coming days.

She said that home care for the dying can also help the grieving process for loved ones.

I also think it helps the grief, the bereavement process as well, the more a person has in being with and involved with a dying loved one, I think they feel in control as well.

– Kathleen Wickremer