Jamie Vardy: Police investigate Twitter rape threats against Leicester City star's one-year-old daughter

Police are investigating "vile" Twitter trolls who threatened to rape Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy's one-year-old daughter.

Vardy's fiance Rebecca Nicholson was bombarded with sexual threats - which are too graphic to publish - after tweeting a picture of their daughter wearing a Leicester City shirt with "Daddy" number 9 on the back.

The England international shared screengrabs of the threats, calling them "shocking and vile".

Vardy's fiance also responded to one of the tweets, saying: "There are no words for people like you - you need locking up."

The accounts have since been either suspended or deleted.

Vardy with his fiance Rebecca Nicholson. Credit: Twitter/Rebecca Nicholson

A Leicestershire Police spokesperson confirmed to ITV News that officers were investigating the abuse and were in contact with Leicester City.

A spokesperson for Leicester City told ITV News that the messages were "shocking".

Vardy, 29, has played a pivotal role in table-topping Leicester's stunning season.

The club moved closer to securing their first ever league title with a 1-0 win over Southampton on Sunday.