Killer new attraction lets people experience 'death and rebirth'

A macabre new attraction is offering people the chance to "experience" death and cremation.

The "death-simulator," named "Xinglai" or "awaken" in English, opens today in Shanghai and costs £48 (444 yuan) for a two-hour session.

Visitors must answer questions based on life-or-death scenarios and those whose answer is deemed the worst are "killed" by their peers, before being "burnt" and "reborn" through a latex womb chute.

Moments before 'cremation' Credit: RTV

Visitor Ji Ruoxing's answers were voted the worst. The 33-year-old said parts of the experience were frightening.

"At the moment when everything is completely black, the feeling was really realistic. Especially at the beginning, when I was sitting inside that room, and the door opened, I could hear the noise inside and was a little scared, and then when I went inside, I thought it was alright," she said.

Founder Ding Rui said he "researched the death experience thoroughly" before opening Xingali, which has been in development for nearly four years.

"When we do not fully understand and take in (death), saying goodbye is really quite a complicated and difficult task. It covers various dimensions, conflicts, and even prevents you from being able to reach a decision, and you don't know what to do. This all can happen. So I thought of how to be able to come up with a premise on how to educate people on life, so as one approaches the moment just before they they face death, they don't have to think about these problems constantly," said Ding.

At the end of each session, the participants write down their reflections in a game survey and have the option of writing their "last words before death."

They can then take it home as a souvenir, or shred it on the spot.