A man has appeared to threaten to throw a baby at police amid protests at the proposed removal of migrants and refugees from a Greek port.

The man is seen brandishing the baby in the air after walking towards officers, who were holding another man.

Another man later took the child from him and handed her back to her mother.

The upsetting scene came amid increasing frustration over the fate of refugees and migrants in Greece.

Thousands of people have been camping out at Greece's main port of Piraeus after reports that authorities want to move them to refugee camps.

Greek General Secretary for Migration Policy, Vassilis Papadopoulos, faced heated protests when he visited the port.

Greek authorities have been trying to persuade more than 4,700 people camping in small tents in the port to move to organised camps, but few have been boarding the buses provided.

Greece began returning people to Turkey on Monday as part of an EU agreement to control the mass influx of people in Europe. However, the return of further refugees has now been delayed until Friday, according to a Turkish official.

The baby is later seen back with her mother. Credit: Skai TV/APTN