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Online trolls target family of nine-year-old killed by horse

Bonnie Armitage died in a 'freak accident'. Credit: SWNS

Online trolls have targeted the family of a nine-year-old girl killed by a horse.

Bonnie Armitage - described as a "beautiful little girl" by her devastated parents - died after being kicked by a horse as she rode her pony on Saturday.

Anti-hunt protesters seized on the tragedy to post cruel messages online, with many blaming her parents for allowing her to ride in the Cotswold Hunt.

One person said Bonnie's death was "karma" for their "bloodlust."

"Shame the hounds didn't rip her apart at the same time," another wrote.

Another activist said the girl's death was "a high price to pay" for introducing her to the "vile" sport of hunting.

"Fox 1 - 0 Murderous parents," another said.

Gloucestershire Police told ITV News that the "unpleasant and offensive" comments were being investigated.

Some of these comments are clearly very unpleasant and offensive but we are reviewing them to see if they constitute a criminal offence under either the Malicious Communications Act or Public Order Act.

We would remind people that anyone who makes threats or harasses someone online could be committing a crime and in such cases we will look to take appropriate action.

This is an incredibly difficult time for the family and we would ask everyone to respect that.

– Gloucestershire Police