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Parents claim Nestle's SMA milk powder 'made their children violently sick'

Nestle changed its milk formula in January. Credit: SMA/Nestle

Worried parents have claimed Nestle's new SMA milk formula has made their children "violently sick".

The company changed their recipe for its milk range in January but now a petition has been started to ban its Pro Formula milk.

It was set up by mum Catt Taylor who says a GP told her the milk was "poisoning her baby's system".

She claimed she had fed her daughter Alayah SMA Gold from birth formula as she did not like breastfeeding and there had never been an issue "until about a month ago when she quickly started to become ill".

Catt Taylor with her baby daughter Alayah. Credit:

Ms Taylor claimed that within two days of using the new formula her little girl became "limp, lifeless and had a rocketing temperature of 40C".

She said her baby was also "projectile vomiting", had a swelled up face, was suffering from diarrhoea and would "scream in pain" when she ate.

The young mum said at first doctors were unable to say what was wrong with Alayah and thought it might be a virus or gastroenteritis.

When tests came back negative, her GP asked her if she had recently changed Alayah's formula to see if she was reacting badly to a change in diet.

It was only then that she realised the ingredients in the SMA milk has changed, she says "without any warning".

She said: "A GP told me to stop giving her the milk immediately. To hear the words it's 'poisoning her system' is just unbelievable."

Little Alayah is well again after switching to another formula. Credit:

Ms Taylor said Alayah is now well again after switching her formula to another brand.

But also mums have also complained the SMA milk was causing their babies to vomit and have diarrhoea.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The SMA website said its formula milk was relaunched as SMA Pro and now includes "non-digestible fibres" and omega-3 derived from fish oil.

A Nestle spokesman told ITV News they will not be recalling the product as it has been deemed safe.

He added: "The health and safety of babies is our number one priority.

"The SMA Pro range is the result of many years of research and all of the ingredients have undergone significant clinical testing.

"Tens of thousands of babies have happily made the transition to this new formula which represents our most advanced yet.

"Some babies can take a short while to adjust and parents may notice a difference in stool consistency which is perfectly normal.

"There is nothing in the formula that would cause more serious symptoms, so parents should consult a healthcare professional if their baby is unwell.

"This formula has been used safely by millions of parents and babies across the world for a number of years."

The spokesman said information was given to healthcare professionals about the formula change three months in advance, information for parents was included on their website and emails were sent to members of their Baby Club.

A leaflet under the lid of the new pack also explained changes to the product.

If parents have any concerns they should contact the Nestle Careline on 0800 081 8180.