Great-granddad, 104, breaks record as world's oldest person to get first tattoo

Great-granddad Jack Reynolds has broken a world record by having his first ever tattoo aged 104.

The Chesterfield pensioner made it into the Guinness World Record books on Wednesday, his 104th birthday, by having his first tattoo.

The tattoo on his arm reads "Jacko" in his handwriting with his birth date, April 6, 1912 underneath.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain before getting the tattoo, he said he was "apprehensive" but added: "But I'm looking forward to it."

During the procedure, he joked: "I'd rather be doing this than getting a haircut."

Jack Reynolds receives his certificate from Guinness World Records. Credit: GMB

He opted to have the tattoo on his arm after previously threatening to be inked on his bottom because he was worried his arms were too skinny.On Thursday, he revealed his tattoo and was presented with a certificate by a representative for Guinness World Records marking his achievement.

It is not the first time the spritely grandfather to 21 made the record books. In 2014, he became the oldest person to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, aged 102.