New footage of Brussels bombing suspect released

Credit: RTV

ITV News' Rohit Kachroo reports

Belgian prosecutors have launched a public appeal for any information on the 'man in hat' suspect in the Brussels Airport suicide bombings that killed 16 people.

CCTV images have been made public showing the man on the morning of the bombing, as prosecutors appealed to people who might have filmed or photographed the man.

The suspect is believed to have attempted to blow himself up alongside two fellow suicide bombers but fled after his suitcase explosive failed to detonate.

A second bombing in the Maelbeek underground station an hour later killed another 16 people in a coordinated series of attacks later claimed by Islamic State terrorists.

The newly-released images show the fugitive suspect leaving the airport on foot. According to a reconstructed route, he then walked into Brussels, after which point investigators have been unable to track his movements further.

Prosecutors have appealed for anyone who might have video or photo images to come forward. They added that the suspect wore a white jacket but discarded it at some point.

Footage showed the attack suspect around the time of the airport bombings Credit: REUTERS/ Belgian Federal Polic