Shock as workers find electrified snake biting another fried snake

Two fried snakes were found in an electrical box in North Carolina Credit: City of Morganton/Facebook

Workers in a North Carolina were given a shock after they found two electrified snakes in an electrical box - one of which was biting the other when they were fried.

Electrical Services workers for the City of Morganton made the gruesome discovery as they went to disconnect power at a house which was due to be demolished.

Thankfully this sort of discovery isn't an everyday occurrence.

A post on City of Morganton's Facebook page says electrical workers come across "fried snakes" every two or three years.

One snake slithered across two hot terminals and was electrocuted; the second snake was biting the first and received the jolt as well. Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby said his guys come across fried snakes every two or three years, and that’s one time too many!

City of Morganton Facebook post