Jeremy Corbyn publishes his tax return

Corbyn paid £18,912 in tax on £70,795 income Credit: Jeremy Corbyn/HMRC

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn published his tax return on Monday, showing he declared £1,850 in additional income beyond his Parliamentary salary.

The 66-year-old stated that he received £70,795 from the House of Commons, from which he paid £18,912 in tax.

However he was fined £100 for submitting his return a week late.

Corbyn paid £18,912 in tax on £70,795 income Credit: HMRC/Jeremy Corbyn

The return shows Corbyn received an additional £1,850 in income - £1,250 from lecturing - and made an expenses claim of £500.

His other additional income was also broken down into "survey of income" and "share of cost of study".

However he received no income from dividends or from rental property.

Corbyn didn't receive any money from trusts, while the return showed no income from capital gains returns either.

The Labour leader received £1,350 in income from lecturing Credit: HMRC/Jeremy Corbyn

However, the Labour leader did submit his tax return a week past the January 31 deadline, resulting in a £100 fine.

He appears to sign off the tax return a week past the January 31 deadline Credit: HMRC/Jeremy Corbyn