Labour MP Dennis Skinner ejected from Commons after calling PM 'dodgy Dave'

Labour MP Dennis Skinner was ejected from the House of Commons today after repeatedly calling the Prime Minister "dodgy Dave".

Speaker John Bercow called for "order" and asked Skinner to withdraw the comment he used to describe David Cameron during a session focused on his tax affairs.

When help was offered to calm the situation Bercow said: "I don't require any assistance from some junior minister - an absurd proposition."

He then told Skinner if he did not withdraw his comment he could not reasonably ask the Prime Minister to answer his question.

Skinner, who is known for his outbursts in the Commons, hit back: "Which word?" to which the Speaker replied: "I think he knows the word beginning with D and ending with Y that he inappropriately used."

Skinner tells the Speaker: 'I still refer to him as dodgy Dave'. Credit: House of Commons

But Skinner refused to back down, saying: "This man has done more to divide this nation than anybody else. He's looked after his own pocket.

"I still refer to him as dodgy Dave. Do what you like!"

The Prime Minister appeared to smile as the exchange continued. Credit: House of Commons

The Prime Minister was seen smiling as the exchange went on which led to the Speaker again asking Skinner to withdraw his comment.

When again, Skinner refused, he said: "Very well, I order the honorable member to withdraw from the House for the remainder of this day's sitting."

One MP was then heard to shout out "he's used to this" as Skinner left the Commons.

Skinner leaves the Commons after being ordered out by the Speaker. Credit: House of Commons