Helen Mirren admits she'd like 'a whole sleeve' of tattoos

Helen Mirren says she would consider getting a 'sleeve of tattoos' Credit: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren has admitted she would like to have "a whole sleeve" of tattoos inked on her arm in future as she adds to her collection of body art.

The 70-year-old, who already has interlocking Vs tattooed on her left hand - which were inked on her at a Native American reservation in the 1970s, made the revelation as she hinted a large scale snake design could be on the cards.

During an interview to promote her latest movie Eye In The Sky, Mirren told the Radio Times she would consider getting "some sort of curving pattern running up my arm" and that it would feature "maybe a snake - I quite like snakes."

The actress already has a tattoo of interlocking Vs on her left hand Credit: ammie Arroyo/AFF/PA Images

The multi-award winning actress is known for her unconventional streak and famously showed off her twerking skills at an award ceremony in 2014 as well as dying her hair pink the year before.

She also famously said that she was not a fan of being called sexy as it was "annoying and irritating".