Asda and Aldi recall dark and white rum over fears some may contain glass

A distillery is recalling some of its rum products over fears that some of the bottles may contain small fragments of glass.

Glen Turner Co Ltd is recalling its dark and white rum products as a precautionary measure, the Food Standards Agency said.

Products from Asda that are being recalled are:

  • Carta Blanca Superior White Rum

  • Refined Dark Navy Rum

  • Liberty Ship Superior Dark Rum

  • Liberty Ship Superior White Rum

Aldi is recalling Old Hopking rum.

Products sold in Aldi that are to be recalled are:

  • Old Hopking Dark Rum

  • Old Hopking White Rum

Anyone with these products are advised not to consume them and return them to the store they purchased it from.

There is a remote risk that a manufacturing defect in a limited number of bottles may lead to fragments of glass within those bottles.

Recall notice