EU referendum: Key players in the Remain and Leave campaigns

Boris Johnson and the prime minister David Cameron are on opposite sides of the referendum debate

The Electoral Commission has announced the official lead groups which will campaign for the UK to remain or leave the EU in the upcoming referendum.

Campaigning to stay is Britain Stronger In Europe, while the group hoping to convince voters to leave the EU is Vote Leave.

Here's a look at the key players for both sides.

Britain Stronger In Europe:

  • David Cameron: The prime minister is campaigning for the UK to remain part of the EU. He recently wrote: "We can choose economic security, not an unnecessary leap in the dark. We can choose to be stronger, safer and better off."

  • Former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson

  • Lord Rose: The former executive chairman of Marks & Spencer is the chairman of the remain campaign.

Lord Rose at the launch of Britain Stronger in Europe campaign Credit: PA
  • Will Straw: Son of former Labour home secretary Jack Straw, he is the executive director of the campaign.

Vote Leave:

  • Michael Gove: The Cabinet minister is the co-convener of the campaign's committee - one of around 130 Tory MPs backing Brexit.

  • Gisela Stuart: The Labour MP is the other co-convener of the campaign's committee - one of only a handful of Labour MPs campaigning for Brexit.

  • Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is backing Brexit Credit: PA
  • Matthew Elliot - chief executive of campaign

  • Iain Duncan Smith

  • Priti Patel

  • Chris Grayling