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Quality family time and nappy duty for Danny Willett as he 'locks clubs away'

"The clubs are away, it's family time now", the new US Masters champion told ITV News, as he revealed 2am nappy duty had brought him swiftly back down to earth.

US Masters champion Danny Willett with wife Nicole and baby boy Zach Credit: YTV

Danny Willett is looking forward to spending quality time with his wife Nicole and his newborn baby boy Zach, following his astonishing victory at Augusta.

The Sheffield-born golfer said he would be locking away his clubs in a cupboard for two weeks to give himself a proper break from the sport.

After what's just happened there'd be no point in clipping a few just yet, you'd not really be focused on what you were doing.

I'm more bothered right now making sure these two are alright, and just trying to be a dad and a husband again.

– Danny Willett

On his duties as a new father - namely nappy duty in the middle of the night - he said: "It brings someone shouting back down to Earth when you're changing nappies at two in the morning."

Expressing her pride at Danny's achievement, Nicole said: "Words can't really describe, when you see him on the TV it's strange because he's just Danny to me and his family, and watching him on TV and seeing him win the Masters it was just ridiculous."

Danny Willett says he is ready for some quality time with his family following his US Masters victory Credit: YTV

Danny said he "didn't quite realise how big a deal" his win would be, until he returned home to crowds of supporters and reporters keen for interviews and pictures.

"We are going to lock the door, and try and savour the moment", he added.

ITV News' correspondent Damon Green reports: