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Secret Cinema supports junior doctors with new horror production

By Natalia Jorquera and Karen Rollins: ITV News

Secret Cinema will raise the curtain on its first ever horror production on Thursday, and the experience will also make an important statement about the ongoing junior doctors row.

The next Secret Cinema production will be its first horror '28 days later'. Credit: Secret Cinema

Founder of the immersive event, Fabien Riggall, tells ITV News the company always has a social message behind the films it recreates and the staging of '28 days later' is no exception.

He said the production, which focuses on the spread of the 'Rage' virus, will be based on the concept that because of a shortage of junior doctors the NHS cannot cope with the infectious disease.

Mr Rigall said the aim is to express "solidarity with the junior doctors."

Secret Cinema is a socially conscious organisation and we feel very passionate about supporting different debates that are going on and people care about.

We want to support the junior doctors.

We feel as an organisation that it is important to discuss social issues... culture should be used to help debate the issues that are important to us.

– Secret Cinema founder Fabien Riggall

Secret cinema-goers are being promised a "brand new horror experience" with the latest production which will take them "into the heart of a post-apocalyptic world."

The event, which will last for five hours, is set to bring Danny Boyle’s 2002 British cult classic to life.

The story is centered on the main character Jim, who was played by Cillian Murphy in the film, who wakes up from a coma to discover a deadly virus has infected London.

Society has all but collapsed and he must fight for survival in a world that has been torn apart by the infected zombies.

Secret Cinema, which was created in 2007 because of Mr Riggall's passion for going to the movies, has now put on 40 productions including 'Back to the Future' and 'Star Wars'.

But Mr Rigall is hoping the '28 days later' production will be the first one the company is able to stage around the UK and also in America.

Concessions to the event are being offered for all NHS staff.