Thief stumped trying to steal a bike with no pedals

The suspect attempted stealing an £8,000 racing bike Credit: SWNS

This is the moment a thief's attempts at stealing an £8,000 bike are foiled - because it didn't have any pedals.

CCTV from the Giant Bike Store in Cambridge show the suspect making off with the most expensive racing bike in the shop, casually walking past a young child in broad daylight.

But the brake's were put on the man's escape from the store after realising the bike had no pedals.

Staff and members of the public made chase as he abandoned the bike, eventually escaping in a getaway car.

Trainee support worker Jennifer Green, 23, said: "If he had been cycling away I would have been much slower on the uptake, but he had made a poor choice taking one without pedals".

The suspect walks casually past a young child Credit: SWNS