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Only eat some of our products once a week, says Dolmio and Uncle Ben's firm

  • Video report by ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi

Popular food sauces from Dolmio and Uncle Ben's should not be eaten more than once a week because they are so high in salt, fat and sugar - the company that makes them has told customers.

Mars Food will divide its range into products that can be eaten every day or only occasionally as part of a scheme to encourage healthier eating.

Dolmio lasagne sauces, creamy tomato pasta bake kits and pesto will be among those labelled as "occasional" treats, according to the Guardian newspaper.

The firm will also cut the amount of salt and sugar used in some of its recipes and increase the use of whole grains.

Shoppers will begin to see the new guidance appearing on websites within the next few months.

Fiona Dawson, the global president of Mars Food, Drinks and Multisales, said:

To maintain the authentic nature of the recipe, some Mars Food products are higher in salt, added sugar or fat.

As these products are not intended to be eaten daily, Mars Food will provide guidance to consumers on-pack and on its website regarding how often these meal offerings should be consumed within a balanced diet.

The Mars Food website will be updated within the next few months with a list of 'occasional' products - those to be enjoyed once per week - and a list of 'everyday' products - including those to be reformulated over the next five years to reduce sodium, sugar, or fat.

– Fiona Dawson, Mars Food

How healthy are your Dolmio favourites?

Original Cheesy lasagne sauce - Per 94g serving

  • Fat - 7.6g (11% daily total)
  • Saturates 3g (15% daily total)
  • Sugar - 2.2g (2% daily total)
  • Salt - 0.7 (12% daily total)

Creamy tomato pasta bake sauce - Per 125g serving

  • Fat - 6.6g (9% daily total)
  • Saturates 2.3g (12% daily total)
  • Sugar - 7.3g (8% daily total)
  • Salt - 1g (17% daily total)

Classic basil pesto - Per 45g serving

  • Fat - 23.4g (33% daily total)
  • Saturates 3.3g (16% daily total)
  • Sugar - 1.5 (2% daily total)
  • Salt - 0.6g (10% daily total)

Carbonara pasta bake sauce - Per 120g serving

  • Fat - 12.7g (18% daily total)
  • Saturates 4g (20% daily total)
  • Sugar - 3.1 (3% daily total)
  • Salt - 0.9g (16% daily total)