Second woman found dead after building collapse in Tenerife resort popular with Britons

Credit: Reuters

A second woman has been found dead after an explosion at a building at a Tenerife resort popular with British tourists.

Search and rescue workers pulled the body of a middle-aged woman from the rubble at around 5am this morning.

It was not known what nationality either of the two confirmed dead were.

More than 100 rescue workers with sniffer dogs are still combing the remains of the building in the hope of finding others who may have been caught up in the blast.

It is not clear how many people were caught up in the blast Credit: Reuters

It is not yet clear how many people were caught up in the explosion yesterday morning in the coastal resort town.

“I could hear people screaming inside," one witness told the English-language Tenerife News.

The Foreign Office have received no indication that any Britons were involved.

Local sources suggested that up to eight people were known to have been trapped in the ruins of the former bank building, with one 57-year-old woman seriously hurt and two other people suffering minor injuries.

Reports from the Canary Islands said that conversion work on the building had recently stopped after a cracks were discovered in the building.

The Foreign Office has had no indication that Britons were among the victims Credit: Reuters