A headteacher who sent home dozens of schoolgirls for wearing "over-sexualised" short skirts and slim-fitting trousers has now labelled some of her female pupils "hefty".

Dr Tracey Jones, head at Lord Grey School in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, came under fire from parents for turning away pupils in short skirts last week.

Now, in a letter defending her actions, she has been accused of fat-shaming her pupils by claiming tight clothing "emphasises some girls' heftiness"

Chloe Hirst, 16, was sent home from the Lord Grey School in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, for 'inappropriate uniform' Credit: SWNS

At the start of term, Jones vowed to turn away girls in short skirts to stop boys "peering up them" and also rejected female pupils in "figure-hugging trousers."

She has stood by in her decision in a lengthy letter to parents at the co-educational high school, claiming she was protecting girls who are "not very slim" from bullying, the Milton Keynes Citizen reported.

Ironically, for those girls who are not very slim, the tight clothing emphasises their heftiness and is unflattering.

Headteacher Dr Tracey Jones

Jones was accused of "fat-shaming" by a parent who told the paper, "This is a breeding ground for anorexia.

"No headteacher should comment on size and shape where teenage girls are concerned."

A group of 29 girls were turned away from the school because of their 'inappropriate' uniform Credit: Google

Last week a parent complained that the trousers her daughter was sent home in are from New Look's school uniform section.

Dr Jones countered in her letter that she bought trousers for her own school-aged daughter for £12 at Bon Marche - a shop best know for fashion for the over-50s.

"They are smart, easy to wash and nice fabric," she said.

They are under 18 and thus still children. We don’t think that very tight or revealing clothing is right in a mixed gender school situation.

Headteacher Dr Tracey Jones in a letter to parents

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