Couple celebrates twin boys born two years apart

Twin bothers Oliver and Isaac. Credit: PA

A family is celebrating the arrival of twins who were born two years apart.

Rachael and Richard Best conceived two-year-old Oliver and his newborn baby brother Isaac at the same time through IVF. They are considered twins because they were born from the same batch of embryos.

The couple had been trying for a child for four years and had been through six IVF attempts before Mrs Best gave birth to Oliver on the seventh cycle.

Two embryos were frozen at Leicester Fertility Centre, and a further cycle led to the birth Isaac on March 17, weighing 8lb 9oz.

Two-year-old Oliver embraces his newborn twin brother Isaac. Credit: PA

"They were born two years apart almost to the day - it's really extra special," Mrs Best said.

"When I look back at photos of Oliver at Isaac's age, you really notice the resemblance in them. It's quite amazing."

Mrs Best said her message to other couples who are trying to conceive is to "not give up".

Jane Blower, consultant embryologist at Leicester Fertility Centre, said: "We are delighted to hear Rachael and Richard's good news and would like to congratulate them on the safe arrival of Isaac."