'Brexit only suits Putin, Trump and so-called Islamic State', warns Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell has predicted an 'emotional rollercoaster' across Britain before the EU referendum Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire/PA Images

Britain leaving the European Union would only suit Russian president Vladimir Putin, US presidential hopeful Donald Trump and so-called Islamic State, Alastair Campbell has warned.

The former Downing Street spin doctor will tell the Irish Business and Employers Confederation that "no serious overseas player thinks we should leave, unless it suits their agenda."

He adds: "Putin probably. Isis definitely. And, depending what mood he is in, Donald Trump. That's about it on the international scene."

Mr Campbell also claims the referendum is as significant to Britain as several general elections.

The historic significance, if we leave, is greater than any of the elections I was involved in. The consequences - for jobs, living standards, culture, national security and our standing in the world - are greater. >

Alastair Campbell

Mr Campbell is in Dublin to rally business leaders to mount a campaign to persuade 1.5 million Irish voters in Britain to back staying within the EU.

He is appealing to Irish people to help swing the vote towards remaining within the EU by calling or emailing family, friends and contacts.

I urge you the Irish with a legitimate interest in the outcome, and genuine concerns as I have been hearing in recent days, to get stuck in. Yes, only the British people will decide.

Alastair Campbell