Paralysed marathon athlete banned from 10k charity run

Claire Lomas

A paralysed athlete who completed the London Marathon with the aid of a special motorised suit has been banned from taking part in a 10k charity run.

But Claire Lomas, who is paralysed from the waist down, told ITV News she is determined to do it anyway.

ITV News correspondent Damon Green reports:

Claire needs the suit to walk - and uses it to help her take part in events to raise cash for good causes.

She has raised more than £500,000 for charity since her spine was injured in a horse-riding accident nine years ago - including completing the London Marathon in 17 days in 2012.

The organisers of the 10k run in July said it was against Athletics rules to use motorised equipment on the course.

She has already raised around £2,000 for the event - and said she refuses to let those who have donated down, even if it takes her several days to complete the course.

"I'm not going to affect the leader board - in fact I'm going to be last. It's not going to affect anyone else," she said.