Canadian police post Drake-inspired music video to highlight road safety law

'You just sped right past my cruiser' Credit: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Apparently inspired by hip-hop artist Drake, police in Nova Scotia have released a music video aimed at promoting the Canadian province's so called 'Move Over' law, which limits the speed at which drivers can pass emergency vehicles.

The video, entitled 'Cop Light Bling', features members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dressed in high-visibility jackets complaining that "you just sped right past my cruiser".

Using dance moves somewhat akin to those employed by Drake in his 'Hotline Bling' video, the police call on Nova Scotia's drivers to slow down and change lane when approaching first responders.

  • Watch the 'Cop Light Bling' music video:

"We're always evolving in how we connect with our communities, and this music video is another unique way of getting our message to citizens," said police corporal Jennifer Clarke, who appears in the video.

Nova Scotia's Move Over law - known officially as An Act to Increase Safety for First Responders and Others - has been in place since May 2010, but police say motorists frequently fail to observe it.

The law makes it an offence to drive faster than the posted speed limit, or 60kmph, whichever is the slower, when passing a stationary emergency vehicle that has its lights flashing.

Fines range between $352.50 (£193) to $2,442.50 (£1,338).