Missing cat reunited with owner after six years

Credit: Susan Dobbs/Cats Protection

A missing cat has been reunited with her owner six years after she escaped during a trip to the vet's.

Chloe made a dash for freedom from her carrier while on the trip in Caerphilly, south Wales, in 2010.

Her owner Rebecca Lee believed she had been killed in a road accident after spending weeks posting missing flyers.

She was shocked and delighted to learn that Chloe was in fact alive and had been handed into a pet shelter.

Chloe lived as a stray before she was taken in by an elderly woman Credit: Susan Dobbs/Cats Protection

Molly Hughes, deputy manager at the Cats Protection's BridgendAdoption Centre, said that Chloe had been brought in by the elderly lady's family after she became to frail to care for her pet.

A scan of her microchip revealed that Ms Lee was the cat;s registered owner, and the two have since had an emotional reunion.

The charity added that the story underlined the importance of microchipping pets so they can be identified and returned to their owners.