Cold Feet stars hoping to please fans with TV return

Cold Feet will return in the Autumn Credit: ITV News

Cult 90s comedy-drama Cold Feet is set for its small screen return later this year and as filming got underway in Manchester the cast and crew of the BAFTA winning show admitted they were just hoping fans would like it.

Picking up 13 years after the last episode left off may be a daunting prospect for all those involved but as writer Mike Bullen admitted the measure of success will be whether the fans "are glad it's back" or not.

Bullen said: "For me what will be the measure of success is if the fans who loved it first time round say we are glad it's back rather than 'wish they'd left it alone'".

Resuming more than a decade after the last episode the new eight-part series will give viewers a chance to catch up with characters Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David as they continue to deal with the trials of everyday life now that they have reached their fifties, but will anything have changed?

Fay Ripley, who plays Jenny, said: "It is relationships isn't it that's what we're dealing with; marriages, friendships, it's all the stuff everyone is dealing with... it's life."

The Cold Feet cast back in 2000 Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

But how will the show move on without one of it's central characters Rachel after she was killed off?

According to actor James Nesbitt it has been sad but there will be a nod to her in the first show.

He said: "To be without her has been sad really, we just wanted to get a little tribute into her in the first episode which I hope she sees."