Junior doctor quits live on TV ahead of fresh strike

A junior doctor announced his intention to resign live on TV, over the ongoing dispute about new contracts set to be imposed by the government.

Dr Ben White said he was leaving his post to focus on a legal campaign against the imposition of a new contract for junior doctors.

Junior doctors are set to start an all-out strike at 8am on Tuesday. The NHS has already cancelled 125,000 operations and appointments in preparation.

Dr White told ITV's Good Morning Britain junior doctors feel "backed into a corner" and there was "not a lot of sense coming from the government's side of things".

If the strike tomorrow goes ahead, junior doctors look set to take the unprecedented step of withdrawing emergency care.

Dr White expressed sympathy for people who have had their operations cancelled but insisted that the strike concerned the safety of patients.

He said: "If I had had an operation cancelled as a result of the strike I would be very annoyed or worse - there's a chance I could have been harmed as a result of having an operation cancelled.

"We are sorry for that."

He assured patients that if they are unwell they should go to hospital as consultants would be covering emergency care.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt wrote to the BMA, saying the planned strike "seriously risks the safety of many patients who depend on the NHS."