Pregnant women assured 'safe care' during junior doctors' strike

Mothers-to-be have been assured of 'safe care' during the coming junior doctors' strike Credit: David Jones / PA

Mothers-to-be who are concerned about the junior doctors' strike have been assured by leading doctors that they will receive "safe care" during the action.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) said that women and their babies will be cared for by senior doctors during the walk-out.

A number of mothers have posted on online forums outlining their concerns about the impending action.

On the BabyCentre website, one 41-week pregnant women wrote: "I can't help but feel anxious if labour does begin and an emergency arises that there may not be enough doctors."

Another added: "This is such a hard time for expectant mothers without all this extra worries!"

RCOG president Dr David Richmond said that women needing a caesarian section or to be induced would have the procedures "as required".

He said elective procedures may be brought forward or delayed "provided there is no risk to the mother or baby".

We can reassure women that they and their babies will receive safe care from senior doctors during the industrial action. Women who for medical reasons need to have a caesarean section or be induced on the strike days will be able to have these procedures as required.

RCOG president Dr David Richmond