Protests and vigils mark one year anniversary of Nepal earthquakes

Protests were held in Kathmandu on the first anniversary of the devastating earthquakes

Protests and vigils have been held in Nepal to mark the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquakes that claimed 9,000 lives.

On 25 April 2015, two earthquakes triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that reduced surrounding villages and temples to ruins.

Several countries, including Britain, pledged almost £3bn in aid after tremors measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck just outside Kathmandu, Nepal.

However despite the financial aid, local tensions are growing with the government over the perceived slowness in rebuilding damaged buildings.

Many residents still live in temporary accomodation that was provided by aid agencies

Thousands of residents are still living in sub-standard and temporary accommodation that aid agencies claim are putting lives at risk.

The warning comes ahead of the monsoon season that starts in June.

Vigils have been held in Kathmandu to mark the one year anniversary of the earthquakes

ITV News' Jenny Longden reports on the anniversary of the Nepal earthquakes: