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Camping queues for £49 return flights to Thailand

The return flights to Bangkok cost just £49 Credit: Reuters

Holidaymakers desperate to snap up £49 return flights to Thailand have started queuing up outside a travel agent - 33 hours before they go on sale.

Student and backpacking holiday company STA Travel are hosting a flash sale to Bangkok at two UK stores starting from 9am on Thursday.

The 98 tickets go on sale at the branches in Grosvenor Gardens, Victoria, London, and Corporation Street, in Birmingham.

Already by Wednesday, between 30 and 40 back-packers could be seen camping on the street and bedding down for the night on deck chairs and in tents.

Some hopefuls have been queuing since 12.30am on Wednesday.

We just heard about the deal online and so came to check it out.

I only found out this morning - we're going to go plan our trip in the queue.

We've got a tent down here, I think it'll get quite cold tonight but it's worth it for £49.

I'm hoping to get out to Cambodia or Laos because I've heard great things about there. But I don't really know.

It's so cheap we couldn't ignore it, it's a impulse decision

– Will Tuson, 20

When we got here we were one of the first, there were about ten others.

We didn't actually have a tent, so we got a taxi and bought a tent, then came back.

It was pretty cold, but in the morning they came out with bacon sandwiches and gave us pretend boarding passes to say we had a space reserved.

They keep coming out with a clipboard to make sure we stay.

It was minus one last night and it's getting cold again now, but it will be worth it.

– Bradley White, 21