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David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn clash over academies plan

David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over the government's plan to turn all schools in England into academies.

Mr Corbyn said the "rocket boosters" on the government's "forced academisation proposals" were falling off during a heated Prime Minister's Questions.

But Mr Cameron insisted academies help raise school standards as he stood by the plans.

Addressing the prime minister, Mr Corbyn said: "This weekend, in the light of widespread unease - including amongst his own MPs - it seems the wheels are falling off the rocket boosters, and the government is considering a U-turn.

"Why is this costly re-organisation of schools necessary for schools that are already good or outstanding? Why is [the government] forcing it on them?"

Mr Cameron hinted that schools will still be able to "work with councils" in a comment seized on as a climbdown by critics.

The Government's original forced academisation plans announced in the Budget would have seen all mainstream English schools converted to academies independent of local authority control.

But amid a growing Tory rebellion, ministers appear to be backtracking.

"There are lots of ways that schools can become academies," Mr Cameron said.

"They can convert and become academies, they can be sponsored by an outside organisation, they can work with other schools in the area, they can look at working with the local authority.

"Those schools that want to go on using local authority services are free to do so.

"I'm very clear - academies are great, academies for all is a good policy."