Girl who thought she was running 5km race runs half marathon instead

LeeAdianez Rodriguez thought she was running 5km, but ended up completing a half marathon Credit: NBC News

A 12-year-old girl turned up for a 5km race in New York - only to go on to run 21km after joining the wrong race by mistake.

LeeAdianez Rodriguez thought she was arriving late at the starting line when the race started, so she began running with the rest of the runners.

It was only when she was around half way through that she realised she was actually in a half-marathon, which is 21km, but carried on regardless.

She completed it in two hours and 43 minutes.

Her mother became worried when she wasn’t among the finishers of the 5km race and alerted the police, who found LeeAdianez on the half-marathon course.

“She just wanted to finish the race,” her mother Brendalee Espada told the Democrat & Chronicle.

“Two hours after I started looking for her, I see that one of the officers found her. And I see she has a medal.”