MPs cheer Yvette Cooper as she condemns David Cameron's 'shameful' stance on child refugees

Yvette Cooper has accused David Cameron of "putting this House and this country to shame" in an impassioned speech on the government's child refugee policy during Prime Minister's Questions.

Opposition MPs broke into spontaneous applause following the comments by Ms Cooper, who chairs Labour's refugee taskforce.

Mr Cameroon defended the government policy insisting "we have a proud record and nothing to be ashamed of".

The sparring in the Commons comes after the government was defeated again in the House of Lords on the issue of unaccompanied refugee children in Europe being given refuge in the UK.

The government has said it will resettle child refugees directly from the war-torn regions they are fleeing, but not accept children who have already fled to Europe.

Ms Cooper called on Mr Cameron to "reconsider his position" and "stop with his attitude to lone child refugees putting this House and this country to shame".

Ms Cooper called on Mr Cameron to reconsider his position.

An amendment by the Lords to the government's Immigration Bill had called on the government to accept 3,000 child refugees from Europe.

That was defeated, but a new amendment, backed by the Lords, calls on the government to accept an unspecified number of child refugees from Europe in consultation with local councils.

The amendments are the work of Labour Peer Alf Dubs.

Lord Dubs came to the UK before the second world war as part of the Kindertransport scheme.