Freight train derails spilling hazardous materials

The freight train was carrying hazardous materials when it overturned Credit: RTV

A freight train carrying hazardous material has derailed near a busy metro station, spilling chemicals onto the tracks.

According to firefighters as many as nine cars derailed and up to three of them were leaking hazardous material after the CSX freight overturned early Sunday morning in northeastern Washington.

Doug Buchanan, a spokesman for the D.C fire department, told NBC 4 Washington there were no reported injuries and the leak was under control.

He said: "It looks like our guys have got this pretty well contained.

"Two, possibly three, of the derailed cars are leaking hazardous material."

The railroad company said that the leaking material was sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda, and is used to produce household products including paper, soap and detergent and can cause eye and skin irritation and burns.